East Montpelier Gully Jumpers
Minutes of Meeting
January 2009

Meeting was called to order at 7:40 pm with twelve (12) members present.

Secretary’s report was read. Roger H made motion to accept. Motion seconded by Dave G. Motion carried.

Treasurer’s report was read. Peter H made motion to accept. Motion seconded by Denny G. Motion carried.

-VAST is looking into a single TMA sticker for next year, rather than have the resident, non-resident, volunteer, 5 day pass, etc.
-VAST is looking into landowner TMA – would be the same price as the volunteer
-Waitsfield was not grooming one week ago
-Sandy talked with SnoBees president about plowing the parking lot this year – they say that will do it now.
-Worcester figured out a new route – they are open – Montpelier has groomed to the store.
-VAST is doing a study on the grooming contracts. They are thinking that low traffic trails don’t need to be groomed twice a week. They are putting out counters to determine high and low traffic trails. One counter per county.
-The Annual meeting in Sept this year will be held in Barre. There will be no evening dinner or dance. They will have equipment in the BOR.
-VAST is looking to change the culvert program.
– Some of the new groomers with rubber tracks are having issues with traction on hills.
-The intersection that was behind the Marsh/Plain Hotel has been moved up by Johnny Schmitts.
-The section of trail behind Bickfords pit is not getting groomed every time because they can’t climb the hill
-The Border to Border ride is on hold because Windsor county does not want all the machine coming thru so early in the morning. They are trying figure out another route.
-The Barre ride-in is not going to happen. They could not get permission to use the rail beds to get in and out.
-The County did buy the sherriff’s dept a new 4-stroke. They figured out it did not fit in their trailer, so they returned it. They are back to just the 2 2-strokes.
-The Montpelier trail did not get a permit. There is a hearing coming up. Act 250 is involved because they may have exceeded 10 acres in construction
-The town of E. Montpelier is looking into the work that was done behind the Baird property.
-We have been grooming. Everything has been done.
-We got a load of fuel
-Waiting for Nutbrown to do the welding on the drag. It is the wear pads on the drag that need to be put on. Maybe we can find someone else to do the welding.

-Sandy give his congradulations to our groomers, as our trails are some of the best in the area right now.
-The idea was tossed out that maybe the groomer operator is fueling back up, the defroster can be on to help de-ice the windshield and wipers.
-The groomer does not seem to be blowing heat as well as it used to.
-We do now have a few 5 Day passes, so they don’t have to be purchased directly from the VAST office.

Henry Murray made motion to adjourn. Motion seconded by Jeff Parker. Meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm.