It’s a game, it’s a hunt, it’s a test on a VAST scale with a series of brainteasers that’ll have you scratchin’ your head while ridin’ your sled. Extended until February 17th – get going now!

Here’s what you do for your chance at a fabulous Grand Prize!

  • Find a teammate. (Hint: pick one with some brains and a knack for solving puzzles and riddles.)

  • Go solo, if you think you’re so smart… go ahead. We double dog dare you.
  • Sign up, download the SnoQuest Challenge Guide, choose a VAST SnoQuest Course close by, or drag your sled to where the snow is. Each course is between 160-210 miles. (Warning: Challenge Guide is extremely important)
  • You’ll find clues, hints and puzzles everyday “online”. (Hint: During the competition you can access the Rutland Herald and Times Argus web sites & e-Editions. What’s an e-Edition? The e-Editions are interactive, digital versions of the newspapers that you read from a computer, tablet or smartphone!)
  • To access your e-Edition go to the Times Argus e-Edition or Rutland Herald e-Edition, click on the SnoQuest button. You will need to enter a promo code – for the Rutland Herald that promo code is SQR13 and for the Times Argus the promo code is SQT13.
  • You’re already out on the trails riding anyway, so why not give yourself a chance to win BIG!

For more information, see the details on the VAST site.