East Montpelier Gully Jumpers
Minutes of Meeting
October 14, 2014

Meeting was called to order at 7:45 pm with ten (10) members present.

Secretary’s report was read.  Derek Pryce made motion to accept.  Motion seconded by Terri Conti.  Motion carried.

Treasurer’s report was read.  Terri Conti made motion to accept.  Motion seconded by Sandy Conti.  Motion carried.

County News:

  • TMA went up $20.  Be sure to get your early bird special.
  • VAST is having problems with crossing bodies of water.  Starting now, no legal VAST trail will cross any body of water.
  • Construction seminar will no longer be held.  It will be incorporated with the annual meeting.
  • No more payment for putting up and taking down signs.
  • Grooming cost forms need to be in by July 1st or no final grooming payment.
  • Cabot does not have a trail through the village.  Can go by Cabot Creamery towards Peacham.
  • Barre Snow Bees lost several bridges this summer.  Built one heavy bridge for land owner but failed to get proper paperwork completed so no reimbursement from VAST.

Trail report:

  • Landowner complained about moved stone wall.  The wall was fixed.  Landowner called and all is fine.
  • Cameron New and Roger Hall replaced the runners on the suspension bridge.
  • Strong’s bridge is waiting for Kevin Hudson to call to move bridge.
  • Bridge behind Wilson’s needs to be reset.
  • Woodard/Sibley bridge needs new ends on approach.
  • MJ needs culvert for trail work behind his place.
  • Some trees are down on Pratt’s property.

Henry Murray made motion to adjourn.  Motion seconded by Linda Hall.  Meeting adjourned at 8:15 pm.